Company Profile
600,000 sq. ft. production plant in Dongguan

Man Sang Envelope Manufacturing Co., Ltd is part of Man Sang Printers (Group) Co. Ltd. was established in 1981. The business was mainly to produce envelopes in the beginning. We continued to diversify the business to expand to the international market. Nowadays our business is extensive in all areas of printing including gift packaging, stationery, books, carrier bags, gift boxes, greeting cards, etc. Head office is in Hong Kong include sales, administration, digital printing, product design, R&D and design departments, composed of more than 60 employees.

Man Sang Envelope Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Man Sang Printers (Group) Co. Ltd. owns the production plant with total floor space over 600,000 sq ft. in Dongguan, China. Our factory qualified the ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC & FSCTM (License Number: FSC-C020079) and to be an approved supplier of BSCI to participate many international brands. Our factory is operated by professional technicians and employees to maintain the high-quality standard.

1,200,000 sq. ft. production plant in Yingde

Triglory (Yingde) Gift and Packaging Co., Ltd is the biggest production factory of Man Sang Printers (Group) Limited. Triglory had 6 buildings with production plants and warehouse with total floor space of over 40,000 sq meters after finishing of site expansion in December 2020. Moreover, the First and Second phases were completed in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Company Vision & Mission

Man Sang Printers (Group) Co. Ltd. is committed to becoming the most reliable one-stop printing. The commitment of on-time delivery and competitive prices are our criteria. Our goal is providing high-quality printing technology service with related products to customers. Fulfill the requirements from customer is the core value in our business to keep long and good relationship.

We believe that employees are the most valuable asset and their contribution are critical to our success. We value people-oriented belief and pursue to create a comfortable, safe and friendly working environment for our employees. We are strictly abide by all relevant government laws and safety regulations.

360-degree Service

Man Sang Printers (Group) Limited provides variety of printing related but not only high-quality printing service. The service of product innovation and OEM orders are provided. Our employees from sales team, R&D and design department are rich experience in cooperating with designers and famous brand all over the world. We will keep into the latest trend and concepts from the market to update the design idea of printing and packaging for customers product.

As we had experience in printing industry over 40 years, we believe that we could provide a professional view on printing and design service to all our customers. Our aim is to fulfill the requirement from our customers.

History of Man Sang Printers (Group) Limited
Company started, production in Hong Kong with its original business in envelopes only.
Moved to Shenzhen with its own production plant and started to develop other business areas, such as printing, book binding and letter-shop.
Participated in oversea exhibition and successfully received our first international order.
1993 -
Moved to a new 600,000 sq. ft. production plant in Dongguan, PRC, established Dongguan Wancheng Color Printing & Packing Co. Ltd.. Developed rapidly in pre-press, printing and post-press areas.
Installed first brand new Printing Press in Dongguan factory.
Established VEB Company Ltd. in Hong Kong.
Awarded ISO9001 certification. Became approved supplier to Walt Disney as well as many other international brands. Established Guangzhou Panyu Massway Stationery & Gift Box Co., Ltd. in Panyu, PRC.
Installed CTP / CTF Prepress system; 1st Man Roland 10 Color Perfecting Press in China; and first ever Comprint 7 Color Flexographic & Rotogravure Printing Press in the world.
Established Printing Bay Company Ltd. in Hong Kong.
Installed Man Roland 6 Color UV Printing Press, acquiring the ability to print on difference materials.
Established Triglory (Yingde) Gift and Packaging Company Ltd. in Yingde, PRC.
Installed Laser Cut machines and a Comprint 1 meter wide 6 Color Rotogravure Printing machine with an inline automatic packing production line.
A new department - Personalization / Digital Printing Department was born. Achieved FSCTM (License Number: FSC-C020079) certification in Man Sang Envelope Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Develop ERP System.
Installed Color Digital Printing machine in Hong Kong.
Awarded ISO14001 certification.
Accredited with British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Consumer Products.
Completed phase II production plant in Yingde. Installed 4 sets of new Man Roland Printing Press with 20 printing units. Started a 5-year plan of Environmental Sustainability.
Awarded ICTI certification.
Implement of ERP Barcode Logistic system.
Installed Digital Cutting and Creasing machine and upgrading Personalization / Digital Printing equipment.
Awarded BSCI certification.
2018 -
Building another 5 new factories and introducing new equipments in Yingde plant for further developing packaging business.
Installed New Color Digital Printing machine in Hong Kong: Fuji Xerox's Iridesse™ Production Press. < Six-color print engine, with pink, metallic gold and silver dry inks>
Our 10 main Production Departments
Dongguan factory
Yingde factory
Graphic Design and Outputting Department

Supported by the latest in graphics design and outputting technology, this department employs a CREO system and is linked with the printing department by CIP III to provide full, real-time information from pre-press.

Dongguan factory
Yingde factory
Printing Department

The printing department has printing presses with difference color combinations and functions, such as 6 color double perfecting press with coating unit, ink temperature control, fully automatic plate loading and amongst others. Our facilities also operate UV printing presses which allow us to print onto plastic, film, foiling board, fabric and other materials.

Our CCI 2D color control system by Man Roland helps us control the color accurately and automatically. A PECOM network links all of our presses together for easy jobs’ scheduling, color setting and print size setting.

Color Digital Printing Department

We adopted an advanced system, different from the traditional printing routine. The printing system allows for a shorter turnaround time for commercial products such as leaflets, coupons, name cards and personalized items. A new Digital Printing Machine : Fuji Xerox’s Iridesse Production Press has installed in Hong Kong, this 6-colour print engine provides excellent service, Fuji Xerox’s unique metal color spectrum and the simultaneous printing effect of the output. Gold and Silver color could print at the same time, transparent or white (spot color sequence can be adjusted as needed). The professional color dry ink printing system could transfer the output in six layers, and the resolution could reach 2,400dpi.

Secure Digital Printing Department

We provided the professional service for securely handle sensitive data for VDP (variable data printing) of billing or other confidential data such as Direct Mailing, Invoicing, Promotional Letter, Gift voucher, Coupon & etc.

Envelope Making Department

We have envelopes making machines for creating different types of envelopes, such as banker/diamond, wallet, pocket and document envelopes. All of our envelopes are customizable in that we also provide options for envelopes with self-adhesive, peel & seal, inlay tissue and different sized of windows.

Binding and Finishing Department

We offer padding, saddle-stitched binding, perfect binding, cased binding, double wire-o and plastic spiral binding for difference books and printed matters. There are also over 100 machines for post press finishing processes such as die-cutting, folding, foiling, embossing, indexing, flitter, lamination, gild edging, round corner cutting, UV coating, automatic hang tag making, box making, etc.

Laser Die Cut Department

Man Sang also has a number of state of the art laser die cutting machines. These precision machines are an alternative to the traditional die cutting techniques and are usually used when the most intricate designs need to be done quickly and accurately.

DM & Letter Shop Department

Our letter shop department has more than 1,000 well trained workers who are professionally trained under the ISO 9001 management system.

Hand Finishing & Gift Packaging Department

We produce difference types of products which require a high degree of hand finishing and gift packaging. Products such as rigid boxes, gift bags, hand-made greeting cards, puzzle, etc.

Quality Control Department

To guarantee a highly regarded department, our QC team directly reports to our General Factory Manager. We also follow the ISO 9001 standard for both inbound and outbound quality checking. To detect any problems and defects, we put our products through extensive testing prior to mass production run or packing. Tests include: vibration test, temperature test, drop test and metallic testing for toy packaging.

Our seamless integration of these difference departments allow us to offer a full range of quality products and a reliable, efficient operation.

Awards & Accreditations
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate : Dongguan 2022-2025
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate : Yingde 2021-2024
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate : Dongguan 2021 - 2024
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate : Yingde 2022-2025
SQP Supplier Qualification Program : Dongguan, May 26 2020
BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products General Merchandise : Dongguan 2021 - 2022
BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products General Merchandise : Yingde 2020 - 2021
FSCᵀᴹ Chain-of-Custody Certificate (License Number : FSC-C020079) 2022-2027
FSCᵀᴹ Chain-of-Custody Certificate (License Number : FSC-C020079) 2022-2027